B+S Address

B+S Soziale Dienste
Claus-von-Stauffenberg-Weg 1b
21684 Stade / Germany
Phone: +49 4141 78 68 0 - 0
Fax: +49 4141 78 68 0 - 69

Diagonalstrasse 41
(Eiffestraße 632)
20537 Hamburg / Germany
Phone: +49 40 20 97 88 81
Fax: +49 40 2097 8878

B+S as an employer

B+S Soziale Dienste has been developing a business for over 20 years which is not only orientated towards the interests and needs of the clients. Furthermore a great emphasis is put on a respectful, productive and trustful working relationship with the employees of the business.

Even though the locations in Stade and Hamburg are spatial separated it is our major concern to give our employees the feeling to be part of the whole which is the B+S family.

We are treating each other with respect, appreciation, tolerance, reliability and working together in a cooperative partnership.

The multi-professional and interdisciplinary team of B+S Soziale Dienste is developing a individual identity due to a close cooperation and a continuous exchange. Individual professional orientation and cultural origin will move into the background because of a greater common objective.
This allows all employees to expand their expertise, know-how and their thematic focus as well as exchange those within the team.

The interchange within the team is strengthened by the weekly team meetings and deepened in regularly supervisions.

Also, internal and external training content will be aimed to fit the needs of our employees.

"Ein Team ist mehr als die Summe seiner Mitglieder."
Dr. Elmar Teutsch (*1949), Südtiroler Wirtschaftspsychologe, Psychotherapeut und Unternehmenscoach

B+S Soziale Dienste is a member of “Bundesverband privater Anbieter sozialer Dienste e.V.” (bpa)