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B+S Soziale Dienste
Claus-von-Stauffenberg-Weg 1b
21684 Stade / Germany
Phone: +49 4141 78 68 0 - 0
Fax: +49 4141 78 68 0 - 69

Diagonalstrasse 41
(Eiffestraße 632)
20537 Hamburg / Germany
Phone: +49 40 20 97 88 81
Fax: +49 40 2097 8878

Child and youth welfare service

Because of the increasing numbers of people, looking for safeguard and security in Germany, the need for protecting children and youth as well as taking them into care is rising. All in all it includes the subsequently aids of SGB VIII.

Since many years B & S Soziale Dienste assumes the responsibility of assistance, support and supervision of people in need, independent of their culture, sex, nationality and home country against the background of SGB VIII and SGB XII. Our focus is located on unaccompanied minor refugees

Our support is orientated on the ability and need of the youth or young adults. The integration in our community and culture as well as the development of independence and a realistic life perspective including school and a professional development for an individual life, is placed in our daily work.

Our service in order to the children and youth welfare service
Our support is directed towards families who need support in their educational mission in daily life or critical situations.
Integration support §30 SGBVIII
Social and educational family support §31 SGB VIII
Intensive Social Individual Care §35 SGB VIII
Integration Support for Children 
In cooperation and meetings of the legal guardian, children and youth, youth welfare office and our employed we discuss the support that’s needed. Afterwards a Social Worker or Educationalist is responsible for the support of the common aims in your home environment.
The support of the Children and Youth Welfare Service and Integration Assistance can be combined if needed.
The support of social and pedagogical family assistance are against the background of SGB VIII and is free of charge.