B+S Address

B+S Soziale Dienste
Claus-von-Stauffenberg-Weg 1b
21684 Stade / Germany
Phone: +49 4141 78 68 0 - 0
Fax: +49 4141 78 68 0 - 69

Diagonalstrasse 41
(Eiffestraße 632)
20537 Hamburg / Germany
Phone: +49 40 20 97 88 81
Fax: +49 40 2097 8878

Meeting place

A significant contribution for achieving the goals are our regional meeting places with different offers:

„Open meeting place“
The main focus of the meeting place is the "open meeting place" to provide preventive and personalized offers. It offers a high level on reliability by a continually present of our supporting stuff and different offers. The "open meeting place" is important especially for the clients that are not conform with groups but searching for social contacts. It helps to avoid the social isolation.

The "open meeting place" is a place of "renewing" of support after crises situations, end of treatments, "failed" support.

Group work
We also have different offers of group work. Independent if it is an open or a theme-focus group work, the group work is the place and the environment of learning social life. It is an area to try yourself in social contacts and situations of conflicts. It helps to avoid isolation and withdrawal. Psychoeducational groups enable an immediately confrontation with the disease and their consequences..

Individual care
For your individual need and the feature of the disease we offer individual care.
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